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Outdoor Cooking Duel – Call for help


Spring is here and it’s time to fire up our grills, dust off our cast iron cookware and scrape the grease from our barbecue pits. I feel like my cooking has plateaued again, which means my cooking skills have leveled and I am not trying too many new things. Maybe I am.

At any rate, I’m throwing down another challenge. I want as many participants to do this as possible. In that spirit, I’m opening the ingredients to the community. Leave a comment on this post with what meat and what vegetable/fruit/starch we should do in the challenge. Then I’ll number them and put them in the fateful hands of Whatever comes out we will be cooking with. That’s not all the fun, though! The third ingredient is chosen by each chef, but is an item you’ve never ever cooked with before. Cous cous? Arugula? Tomatoes? Whatever it is, it’s up to you to make it great. If you haven’t seen us do these before, check the past challenges out here. Even if you don’t plan on doing the competition, what ingredients should we put forth to our brave chefs? Let’s hear about it in the comments.


1. The meal shall be cook outdoors as a major component of cooking.
a. Foods can be prepped to the “Mise en Place” stage indoors, such as chopping food, melting butter, etc.
b. The major cooking time shall be outside, for example (non inclusive list), Dutch oven, grill, outdoor stove, solar oven, open fire, etc.
2. The chef shall learn a new cooking skill. If you are too new to cooking outdoors to know where to start, there are great guides on youtube, and for a list of cooking techniques, see this wikipedia article here.
a. Exemptions: The chef may not run an extention cord and microwave the meal outside. The microwave oven is only to be used during the pre-mise en place stage.
3. Ingredients: The community will decide 2 of the 3 required ingredients, but the chef decides the third. It must be an ingredient the chef has never cooked with before.
4. The recipe must be original. The chef may research the internet for ideas, but the end meal may not represent any recipes the chef has researched.
5. The chef should share their experience on the web. If the chef does not operate a blog or website and doesn’t want to start one, guest articles may be submitted for posting here on the Back Porch Gourmet. However, if you don’t want to write up a long post, just send us a recipe or picture!

Bon Appetit! The Outdoors Start at Your Back Porch!


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  1. Great challenge! I like it. I suggest Pork and Turnips. I'll be following, and I look forward to using your recipes. I am VERY intrigued by your souffle question.

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