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Dutch Oven – Artichoke Disaster Pasta Goulash


I followed a recipe.

Sue me.

It was terrible.

I served it to my family.

It was terrible.

It looked terrible.

I have only cooked this bad once or twice.

I cooked a recipe from the Friends of Deseret Dutch oven cookbook, and it sounded really good. It was an artichoke chicken recipe to be served over pasta. Mom called 5 minutes before I was putting it on glass and invited us to dinner, so we just packed it up and left. I think it reduced too much, because the colors were really gross looking. It didn’t taste bad at first, but it won’t be in my lunchbox for leftovers. Complete disaster. It looked horrible, and it tasted meh, if not bad. I’m glad my Mom offered the same invite to my other sibs, because I got to eat different dinners. We all just brought what we were eating to Mom’s and ate it there. So internets, that is why I don’t do recipes. I have to cook on the fly or I flop. How do you cook?

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  1. I “took an oath” many, many years ago to not really follow any recipes. They are just a starting point or idea, then I just let the creative juices flow. I do have to admit however, that when I start doing serious baking, I will follow a recipe – mostly….

    Any way, I'M WITH YA BROTHER!!!

  2. I have to say that I am with you on this one. A recipe (with few exceptions) is a starting point or guideline for me. I like to go with the thought that with a recipe you can make one dish, but if you master a technique or skill, the possibilities are endless.

  3. There are very few recipes I have ever followed (outside of baking) to a “T”, but the ones I do, there is a reason (and they are mostly Alton Brown recipes). Recipes are for cowards.

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