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So Easy A Caveman Could Do It


Tonight we had my best friend and my other best friend Eric & Heather over for dinner. It seems every time we cook for them, we cook roast. So we did again. But I’m not talking about the food right now. When Heather wanted to know what to bring, I texted her to bring “dessert yummies”, because she bakes really good food. She texted me back and said her dessert yummies required a fire. So I gathered some wood, an old magazine and some twigs. Eric and Heather arrived and we had a great time, dinner was great (but not talking about the food right now… tune in tomorrow.) After dinner, we tried playing card games outside in the wind. Not such a good idea. We bagged the games and got the fire started. Eric said “I wish I had my flint and steel, we could start it without matches.” Dangerous words Eric, as I have 4 flint and steel sets. I got a few out, including a roll of jute twine and a pack of fine steel wool. We made a small nest of steel wool, jute and dryer lint. The jute didn’t go in sparks as much as I thought it would. The steel wool flames instantly. We literally had a fire in the nest in 20 seconds. Getting that little fire to catch the big magazine and twig teepee, was another matter. It took only 3 tries to get the fire sustainable, but not a single match was harmed in the making of the fire. Try it, it really was so easy a caveman could do it.

Once that fire was lit, there was the biggest sense of accomplishment. As one of my Assistant Scoutmasters can attest, I don’t take the time to make good fires. I usually rely on liquid accelerants to stoke the blaze. It was really cool to make fire with sparks. A real manly thing. Making the fire with my best friend was pretty cool too. When two people work together they can do some pretty cool stuff.

What about you, any cool experiences making do with what you have? Sound off in the comments.

Bon Appetit! The Outdoors Start at Your Back Porch!

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