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Brick Grilling – Spicy Mustard Chicken


What is Brick Grilling? You wash, cover in aluminum foil and heat a brick in your grill. Then, you press the meat with the hot brick and it cooks it George Foreman style. I learned about the brick grilling technique here. Chris at Nibble Me This is a BBQ genius. I read his posts daily and he is
an awesome chef.

So tonight I came home from work, washed a couple of bricks, wrapped them in foil and lit some coals. I put the bricks on my warmer rack and closed the lid, propping it open with a broken brick to allow air flow. This heated up the brick, but not much. If I were to do this again, I would heat the brick directly in the fire.

The nice thing about the brick, is that it pushes the meat down, giving nice deep grill marks. It kept the meat juicy, as well. I would imagine keeping weight on the chicken’s cells kept the juices from coming out.

While the coals were burning, I tended to my garden and found that I had ripe corn, so I picked four ears and prepped them for the grill. The tomatoes are due tomorrow, and I picked some carrots. My only surviving cucumber plant yielded 2 cukes already, so I’ll pick them tomorrow. Can I just say it is really nice having a produce department at the Back Porch Gourmet? I am a firm believer of growing your own produce. I haven’t used an ounce of bug killer on the garden, and no commercial fertilizers. I guess that means my food is organic, so I can charge more for it. Too bad. Not for sale.

high heat

chicken breasts
garden spice mix
garlic powder
spicy mustard

aluminum foil

Wash and cover brick in aluminum foil. Heat brick on the grill. Cover chicken in spices, placing on grill. Cover chicken with bricks. Turn chicken after 10 minutes, grill for 10 more on the other side. Turn meat 90 degrees and grill 5 minutes more on a side or until done. Remove bricks. Baste with mustard and let bake on for 5 minutes, ensuring the meat doesn’t burn.

5 Stars

Bon Appetit! The Outdoors Start at Your Back Porch!

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