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Grill – Spiced Corn on the Cob


I’ve had a really lazy day today. Woke up around nine-ish, dragged my self in the kitchen, ate breakfast, and spent most of the day youtubing. Last night, however, my son and I were going to our church’s father and son’s camp out. I hadn’t packed, so coming home at 6, packing, leaving at 7 and getting a tent set up at 8 didn’t sound very fun. Especially since we’d be setting that tent up in the rain. Instead, I stayed home and Dylan helped me build a yagi antenna for my hiking adventures with the amateur radio operators that I hang out with. After that, we set up the tent outside (in the dark) and spent the night in the back yard.

I wanted an easy dinner, so we barbecued. I tried to light the coals, and then shut the lid to keep the rain off them, but that just made them go out. I had used the last of my lighter fluid too… so, I improvised. Kids, please don’ t try this at home, but a little bit of Iso-Heet worked pretty good. It’s isopropyl alcohol, like what you rub on your cuts and scrapes, but more pure. It has an instant flash point, so be sure to light a match and throw it in your bbq. The coals glowed hot and it didn’t take longer than regular lighter fluid would have.

This corn is super good, and pretty easy too. This by far is the best way I’ve had corn cooked. Make sure you get out all the silk, but other than the shucking, it isn’t remotely like work.



Corn on the Cob
Olive oil
Spicy Garden Steak Rub

Shuck corn leaving the leaves on the stem. Remove silk. Brush with olive oil and shake spices on the corn liberally. Fold leaves back up and grill 10 minutes rotating corn frequently.

5 Stars
Bon Appetit! The Outdoors Start at Your Back Porch!


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