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Sharing the Back Porch


For the past few days, the Back Porch Gourmet has had an uninvited but welcome guest. His name is Petey, the unfortunate robin baby. Somehow, Petey can’t fly like the other robins. Mama has been bringing Petey food and trying to get him to fly, but his left wing has some issues. We’ve been trying our hardest to keep Rowdy from eating him, so I hope Petey learns soon. Until then, we share our back yard with Petey. Good luck little bird!

Having Petey around and the other birds that arrive with the seasons makes me think about the outdoors. Most people wouldn’t consider their backyards outdoors, or even nature. However, I believe the outdoors start at your back porch (hence the tag line in every post). True, stepping on your back lawn is not a serene paradise wilderness with deer drinking from crystal streams and squeaking squirrels that busily gather their winter stores. Still, any wildlife in your yard, whether you are a rooftop gardener in the big city or a farmer in the country is still wildlife and nature. I love being a backyard biologist, studying the flora and fauna of the suburbs. Open up your eyes and see what is in your own backyard.

What spring friends are you sharing your outdoor kitchens with? Sound off in the comments.

Bon Appetit! The Outdoors Start at Your Back Porch!

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