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Product Review – GSI Fair Share Mug


The Fair Share mug got its origin from students on a ski tour. When dinner time came, the students that had a 4 cup capacity bowl found that they seemed to get a larger portion than the students with a 2 or 3 cup bowl. The ration for each student was 2 cups, but when the cooks saw a half empty bowl, they showed pity on the hungry students and gave them their fair share, thus the fairshare mug was born.

It is constructed of heavy duty lexan, able to be cleaned with soapy water or on the top rack of a dishwasher. The convenient side handle and screw top lid allows the lid to be opened very easily.

We used it on our trip to mix powdered milk in and then store the leftovers in a small cooler. It worked well for that purpose, and I look forward to many uses to come.

It has gradations on the side, but our model only has metric and ounces, not cups. Knowing a cup is 8 ounces solved that problem, and the cup easily fits its full 4 cups plus a little head space for mixing.


Durable construction
Large capacity
Clearly marked gradations
Able to get my fair share at the dinner line
Easy to clean


A little bulky
Handle does not collapse
Gradations may fade with time (as I’ve seen with other products printed in the same fashion)
Gradations only in ounces and metric (some models have cups)

Full disclosure: Recreation Outlet of Murray, Utah gave me (and many other scout leaders) the mug at our monthly round table training, but did not give it to me with the intention of me reviewing the product for any compensation.

Bon Appetit! The Outdoors Start at Your Back Porch!


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