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Weekend Project – Stone Fire Pit


Cost ~$100
Difficulty: Intermediate
Shopping list:
12 12″ interlocking castle stone
24 9″ flagstone wall blocks
3 tubes Liquid Nails or similar
weed barrier
elbow grease

Lay stones in a circle on ground level and mark a line around the outer perimeter of the stones. Dig down on highest part of ground first, measuring depth with 3 stones piled on top of each other. You will want the stone to be halfway buried at the highest point. Dig remaining area keeping hole level. Tamp any loose soil with the back of a shovel. Lay castle stone in a ring in the bottom of the pit. Dry fit the first layer of flagstone centering the stone over the crack between stones in the bottom layer. When pleased with the layout, remove stones one at a time and cement with liquid nails. Take care not to get glue in the cracks between stones as this will look unsightly. Dry fit the second layer of flagstone as before, and glue in place. Let cure overnight. Dig 4″ into soil around the pit following a continuous radius. I did just under 3 feet and it seemed to work well. Lay down weed barrier and fill with gravel. Fill center of pit with gravel.

Bon Appetit!
The Outdoors Start at Your Back Porch!


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