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Grill – Smokey Mountain Chicken Part II


Last night we had our friends over for dinner, with the plan to barbecue. I got home an immediately lit the charcoal. It was about 25 degrees out, and snowing, so I put out my Volcano I and lit a fire. I had moist wood, so I used lots of “Scout Water” (lighter fluid) and had to tend it to keep it going. It kept me warm, and I was only wearing a jacket. The coals were ready to spread, so I put them in my barbecue, and heated the grill tines. I srubbed off last time’s burnt on gunk and was ready. Matt & Tammy arrived, and we put the chicken on the grill. They had brought chicken too, but had brought some marinated tenders, and mine were very thick. His finished really fast, and the coals started to burn colder. I was afraid this would happen, so we took his chicken off and put it on the top rack. I pulled out the grilling rack with some insulated gloves my brother gave me, and put it on the Volcano. Since I could only get pencil sized twigs to stay lit, the coals did not last long in 25 degree weather. It was almost a bust. I finished the chicken on the trusty George Foreman grill. Yes, I know that is cheating, but there is no shame in avoiding salmonella. This spring I will scour the classifieds for a used gas grill when everyone goes out to buy that new fancy one.


Smokey Mountain Marinade

Garlic Powder

Follow the directions to make Smokey Mountain Marinade. Sprinkle with dill and garlic powder and grill on both sides until done.

4 Stars

The Grillmasters taking a break for a photo op.

Bon Appetit!
The Outdoors Start When You Unplug the George Foreman Grill!


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