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Stove – Oxtail Soup


Yes, I said oxtail soup. Before you say ‘gross!’ and go google some LOLCATS, read the full post, because the soup was really tasty. In fact I’d say it is the best soup I’ve had in a long time.

This is part of the medieval dinner that our young men cooked for the young women in our neighborhood. When Mike asked the boys what it means to braise meat, I was the only one who could answer correctly, so I was tasked with cooking the soup.


3 pounds oxtails
worchestershire sauce
1-2 table spoons beef base
salt and pepper
season salt

Braise the oxtails in a large stock pot. (By the way, if you also don’t know how to braise beef, put a little olive oil in the pan and brown all the sides of the meat.) Add chopped vegetables and saute until the onions just start to turn clear. (When they turn clear they are releasing the starches and also flavor into the food.) Add water to about 3/4 full and let simmer. Add worchestershire sauce, salt & pepper, and season salt to taste. Add beef base about 15-30 minutes before it is time to serve. Serve with bread.

Bon Appetit!
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