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Dutch Oven – Angel Passion Cake


Tonight we made Oquirrh Mountain Chili in the dutch oven. I also decided to do a cake in my 10″ Lodge Dutch Oven. This is what resulted.

10″ Dutch Oven
Bottom: 12-15 coals
Top: 8-10 coals

1 Angel Food cake mix
1 package vanilla pudding*
1 can Minute Maid Light Raspberry Passion Soda
1/2 package frozen mixed berry medley**

Grease Dutch Oven with canola oil. Add both parts of angel food cake mix and pudding powder. Add raspberry soda and whisk until all powder is liquefied. Add the berries. Bake for 30-45 minutes. Serve with vanilla ice cream if available.

*I added the pudding and it turned into a foamy mess. It tasted good, but didn’t have the body of a cake. I don’t know if it was the pudding or the berries, so I will probably try a variation of this recipe again.

**I added a full bag of berries, and I think it was too much liquid. I would therefore only use half in the future.

Since it turned out less like a cake, I am giving this recipe two stars. However, it did taste very good.

2 stars

Bon Appetit!
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One Comment
  1. Jodi & Mark Hansen permalink

    Looks like a lot of us in the dutch oven blog world did chilis this weekend! Fun!

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