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Throwing Down the Cast Iron Gauntlet


A few weeks ago I challenged my friend Mark over at Mark’s Black Pot to a Dutch Oven duel. Here is the email I sent him:


I am throwing down the cast iron gauntlet. I hearby challenge ye to a cast iron duel. If ye choose to accept the challenge, here are the terms:

1. I will choose 3 ingredients:
a. Meat
b. Spice
c. Fruit or Vegetable or Starch
2. Ye must cook a one pot dutch oven dish with the 3 ingredients. Ye may add any additional ingredients so long as they do not nullify these terms. (See number 3.)
a. The ingredients must be as common and available as possible. I do not expect ye to backpack through the mountains of Nepal for the rare Joo-Joo Truffle or some such.
b. The ingredients may be up for interpretation. For example, if I say Chicken, ye may use chicken breasts, wings, nuggets, whatever ye wish. If the ingredient specifically states Rib Eye Steak, then there can be no choosing.
i. Although it states the ingredients may be up for interpretation, meat is meat, so ye may not subsitute stock for meat, or eggs for meat, although these items could be added. I will however, consider tofu a ‘meat’ only because the readers of ye blog may be vegetarian.
ii. No matter who you talk to, ketchup is not a vegetable.
3. It must be delicious.
4. Ye shall hearby document the entire process, including experiences at the grocery store, prepping the dish, cooking the dish, and most importantly, eating the dish.
5. The recipe shall be original in the whole, and the recipe shall be posted for all to see. (see documentation of step 4)
6. Ye shall post the experience on the interwebs for all to see and enjoy.

So, do ye accept the challenge? If so, I would expect to see a counter challenge with a list of my ingredients.

If ye be of valor, here are your ingredients. Choose your weapons wisely.

1. Meat – Pork
2. Spice – Curry
3. Fruit/Veg/Starch – Orange

He answered the challenge valiantly with this response:

This is a GREAT idea. Your challenge ingredients look fun, too. It might be as much as a week or two before I get to cooking it, though. Is that OK?

Here are your ingredients:

a. Meat: Fish
b. Spice: Dill
c. Fruit or Vegetable or Starch: Potatoes

The only downside here is that we really should get together and cook these challenge meals, then sample each other’s dishes. I just don’t know when we could do this.

Mark Hansen

So in a few weeks I will be hitting up the nearest market for some fish, dill and potatoes, and will post the recipe here. Check The Black Pot as well to see Mark’s half of the challenge.

I won’t be doing the challenge for a few weeks myself. I’ve been asked to cook breakfast for 35 hungry youth this Saturday, so I will post the recipe I choose and my experience here.

If any readers have questions or want to request a specific meal to be spotlighted, you may email the author at backporchgourmet [at] gmail [dot] com.

Bon Appetit!
The Outdoors Start at Your Back Porch!

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